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The Phenopen

100% Pure CBD Extract

A revolutionary and innovative vape pen
that was designed to provide
the most efficient way to consume CBD.

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For your daily needs
Invest in feeling better, Invest in yourself.
Disposable cartridges for daily supply.

A high number of CBD varieties are extracted to produce pure elements. Then the pure form is created and packaged into the Phenopen as a healthy, non-toxic, Drug Delivery System (DDS).

The product is assembled from the highest quality raw materials sourced from the top accredited European suppliers. The Phenopen contains only pure CBD and has no additives or solvents.

The sleek and reliable pen that can solve your problems and fits in your bag. With a psychoactive formulation, we ensure a smooth and relieving experience in every use.

Nature's secrets
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This phenopen technology should only be used for cannabinoid and terpenoids, to ensure accurate and fast response of the intended symptoms.