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Starter Kit + 4 Pack 25% Off: fightingcovid19

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The Phenopen

Superior CBD vaping with a proprietary blend of 100% pure Hemp extract.

Time to Choose
PhenoPen Vaping Device Starter Kit
The perfect starter pack including premium battery and 1 x 100% CBD extract cartridge (500mg)
PhenoPen Replacement Cartridges (500mg)
It's simple and fast to replace PhenoPen cartridges and the more you buy the more you save
Why Choose Phenopen?
100% Pure Hemp Extract <br />
no additives

100% Pure Hemp Extract
no additives

59.7% CBD Concentration <br />
(per cartridge)<br />

59.7% CBD Concentration
(per cartridge)

Easy to use

Easy to use

Free fast<br />
worldwide shipping

Free fast
worldwide shipping

Dedicated<br />
customer care

customer care

GMP certified<br />
Third-Party Lab Tested<br />

GMP certified
Third-Party Lab Tested

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