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We are here
to make people feel better

We invest in you, and you should too! Mabsut Life is invested in producing the most innovative vaporizer pen on the market, whether you want relief from symptoms or to just simply feel good. Consumption of medicinal marijuana has never been so simple, safe and promising.

The PhenoPen Family

Mabsut Life has set its focus on the wellness sector and the application of cannabis components for daily health, wellbeing and improvement. Cannabis components have long been famous for their healing effects on various mental and physical symptoms. From skin care to pain management, bone growth stimulation to inflammation care, the elements of cannabis have been used through generations as a natural remedy or cure.

Mabsut Life is committed to delivering these medical values to our customers in a legal, safe and comfortable manner with the highest bioavailability. Our team is constantly working on innovative products to deliver to our customers.

The PhenoPen products are brought to you by a team of leaders in the bio cannabis field, top engineers, marketing trend setters and other uniquely talented individuals. Our goal is to create the smoothest product in terms of design and functionality for an effortless experience.

A special attention to Mother Nature’s intentions

The cannabis plant contains a variety of active components including over 400 chemicals, 70 of which are cannabinoids. Only a few of these components have psychoactive effects but some of them provide medicinal value on their own or in combination with other elements. The Phenopen, which is as simple as a pen you can carry in your pocket, was designed to deliver an active ingredient formulation based purely from cannabis to the body, as simple as a pen you can carry in your pocket.

We are committed to the study and development of the highest quality wellness solutions based on non-psychoactive cannabis components. From our lab to your door, our products are handled according to the highest manufacturing standards.

Don’t be shy,
just ask.

The PhenoPen is an elegant, discrete, hand held electronic vape device designed to maximize the bioavailability of botanical liquid extract. The Mabsut Life team is here for any questions you might have.

A few words about our products

The production and usage of the PhenoPen and cartridges are compliant with the regulations set in the European Cannabis Legislation. Extract products are based purely from certified medicinal marijuana plants with no THC, psychoactive effects, additives or solvents.