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When the Mabsut Life team set about creating the PhenoPen, we had only one thing in mind. How to bring an effective and easy-to-use, affordable premium CBD vaping device to the people who need it most. The PhenoPen endured numerous iterations before we found the sought after sweet spot. With proprietary and unique formulation of 100% pure hemp extract, the PhenoPen offers real and substantial relief for a range of mental and physical ailments.

The PhenoPen Family

When the Mabsut Life team entered the CBD industry, we set our sights firmly on how natural compounds could benefit people from different walks of life. CBD is used successfully by hundreds of thousands of people around the world to treat things like anxiety, chronic pain, sleeplessness, and inflammation. CBD is also used in the treatment of more severe conditions such as Dravet’s Syndrome, MS and PTSD.

At Mabsut Life we are committed to delivering those numerous health benefits in a safe, potent and cost-effective way. The PhenoPen encompasses years of dedicated, hard work from a team of people who really care. From scientists to doctors and beyond, we have spent many hours perfecting the PhenoPen experience for our customers.

The PhenoPen products are brought to you by a team of medical scientists, leaders in the bio cannabis field, top engineers, marketing trendsetters and other uniquely talented individuals. Our goal is to create the smoothest product in terms of design and functionality for an effortless experience.

Paying special attention to Mother Nature’s intentions

The Cannabis plant contains a variety of compounds and terpenes. Some of these, such as CBD, are associated with health and wellness but there’s a lot more to hemp and cannabis than just that. Only a few of the components in cannabis carry significant psychoactive effects, while compounds like CBD do not. Many of those who use CBD effectively enjoy immediate relief when using the PhenoPen for their symptoms.

The PhenoPen was expertly crafted and designed to provide the ultimate premium CBD vaping experience. The PhenoPen is handy, convenient, stealthy and can be used on the go as it fits neatly into a shirt pocket or handbag.

Mabsut Life are committed to researching and developing the finest quality natural wellness solutions from the non-intoxicating compounds of the hemp plant - CBD. All PhenoPen products endure numerous rigorous processes before they are sold, and that means from seed to shelf. PhenoPen is produced in non-GMO approved facilities and meets the highest manufacturing standards.

Don’t be shy -
just ask.

The PhenoPen team thrives on customer feedback and input. We strive to offer full and timely support and usually respond to queries within just a few hours. No matter what - don’t be shy, just ask.

A few words about PhenoPen Compliance

All PhenoPen products meet the requisite regulations and standards according to the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addictions, Cannabis legislation in Europe report. PhenoPen products are therefore compliant as they contain no THC, heavy metals, additives or solvents.