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New FDA Vape Test Results Validate Products Like PhenoPen 

Many people are relieved that the FDA has finally released its preliminary findings regarding devastating lung issues caused by contaminated vape liquid. While the FDA’s findings are worrying, they’re also a small victory for nicotine vapers. Vapers have had some serious cause for concern in recent months, with sometimes daily news headlines reporting another death […]

FDA vitamin e

PhenoPen Hemp Extract Test Results – 23.10.2019

How A Mindful CBD Morning Routine Can Enhance Your Day

Mindfulness and CBD are a match made in heaven as they complement each other in so many different ways. Instituting a regular mindful morning routine can undoubtedly enhance your day, and when you use CBD correctly together with it, you can transform your life. Mindfulness is defined as being a “mental state achieved by focusing […]

CBD Meditation

Why Is CBD Content In Vape Liquid So Important?

Do you know how much CBD you’re getting per puff from when you vape? It depends on a number of factors, such as CBD concentration, the volume of inhalation and duration of the puff.  You need to know what you’re vaping if you want to get the dose just right. CBD has risen to popularity […]

CBD Concentration